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Hello, my name is June Moon and I am a self taught artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. My art is a reflection of my spiritual path. Many of my paintings are interpretations of religious icons from different cultures, I consider this temple art and I want to share it with the world.

The Rainbow Child Story is a testament to a vision I had as a suicidal teenager who asked God for a reason to live and got an answer.

My art is for sale at my Zazzle store, Junemoonz. But the art is also free on my site for you to print as often as you like, to share, to collage, to Tattoo or to invite - just acknowledge my site.

My newest art is more a reflection of my personal feelings. Two of my favorite images are to the left: "Laughing Boy" represents someone who is laughing on the outside - but crying on the inside. "Sorrow's Beauty" represents my emotions filling up and spilling over, to join the tears of the Universe. Get your June Moon 2012 Calendar featuring Laughing Jesus, the Kiss, Quetzalcoatl, Mandalas and more at my Zazzle store.

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