My art is a reflection of my spiritual path. Many of my paintings are interpretations of religious icons from different cultures, I consider this temple art and I want to share it with the world. - something everyone would be doing as part of their spiritual training or worship. This art is an expression of the Divine in all of us. Much of my art is not original - it is a tribute to and an appreciation of the religious art of the past - sacred images that are very much a part of mankind's spiritual obsession. I will continue to paint Gods and Goddesses from various cultures and I am sure that I will paint mandalas til the day I die. Some people have accused me of jumping on some New Age bandwagon, but these images are a part of me from my past lives - I cannot help but be drawn to them. In 1992 I went to India and felt like I'd spent lifetimes there. I was amazed how much spiritual art and icons are a part of everyday life. I belong to no set religion or creed - save the colors of the rainbow and a vision of unity behind all forms of the spirit.

Christian Original Visionary Deities
Left Handed New Original Political
Mayan Mandalas Sri Yantras