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Laughing Jesus Kitchen Kali Drummer Boy Wave of Bliss
Ganesha 01 Ganesha 02 The Kiss Last Kiss
Early Mandala 01 Early Mandala 02 Early Mandala 03 Early Mandala 04
Sri Yantra 8 Star of David in Blue and Red In Assination We Trust Traditional Rose Cross
Sri Yantra in Red and Blue Shiva Yantra 6 Kali Yantra 1 Kali Yantra 2
Sri Yantra 7 Sri Yantra 6 Sri Yantra 4 Sri Yantra 3
Jaganatha Bobby Sri Yantra 2 Face In Flower
Mayan Codex 1 Mayan Codex 2 Traditional Quetzacoatal Quetzacoatal Returns
Krsna New World Order Pacal Eternal Dancers
Fractal Heart Lonely Heart Unrequited Love Sorrows Beauty
Flaming Heart 1 Flaming Heart 2 Flaming Heart 3 Flaming Heart 4
Cross Cultural Mandala Heart Of Fire Star Of David Star Of David Collage
The Wolf Wedding of the Sun and Moon Divine Lovers True Love / Not
Two Americans